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What sets us apart

Abortion Practice is a referral hub for abortion care through all trimesters.

We're a beacon of support and understanding for individuals navigating the complexities of abortion care. Our center is committed to ensuring access to safe and respectful abortion care across all pregnancy trimesters. We recognize that decisions surrounding pregnancy are deeply personal, and our mission is to provide non-judgmental guidance and compassionate assistance throughout the process.

At Abortion Practice, we understand the significance of comprehensive care. Our referral services connect individuals with trusted healthcare providers offering a range of abortion options, from medication abortions in the early stages to labor induction procedures in later trimesters. We prioritize accessibility for all, addressing barriers such as financial constraints, transportation issues, and legal considerations. Our commitment extends beyond facilitating referrals; we actively work to dismantle obstacles that may limit access to essential reproductive healthcare.

Confidentiality is paramount in our approach. We prioritize the privacy of individuals seeking abortion care, ensuring that every step of the referral process is conducted with the utmost discretion. Beyond our immediate services, we provide educational resources to empower individuals with accurate information, fostering informed decision-making. As advocates for reproductive rights, we collaborate with organizations and policymakers to promote a society where comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, is accessible, affordable, and free from stigma. At Abortion Practice, we stand alongside you, offering support, resources, and empathy as you navigate your unique reproductive healthcare journey.

Limited Provider Accessibility

In states with restrictive abortion policies, individuals face a challenging and often emotional journey to access essential reproductive healthcare. Navigating the maze of restrictions, waiting periods, and limited provider options compounds the already sensitive nature of the decision to seek abortion care.

Accessing abortion care in restrictive states is often hindered by a scarcity of healthcare providers willing to offer these services. Individuals may find themselves geographically distant from the nearest provider, increasing logistical challenges and adding layers of stress to an already complex situation. Rest assured, we're here to help get you to reproductive care providers.

Legal Hurdles and Waiting Periods

Restrictive states often impose mandatory waiting periods and legal hurdles, requiring individuals to endure additional waiting times, counseling sessions, or mandatory ultrasounds. These barriers not only prolong the decision-making process but can also increase emotional distress.  Our teams database helps get you the care when you need it. 

Financial Strain

The financial burden associated with abortion care is exacerbated in restrictive states. Limited insurance coverage, coupled with the costs of travel and accommodation, creates an additional barrier for those already facing financial constraints. The certainty of available reproductive care can help alleviate the financial strain patients experience during their reproductive care journeys. 

Mental Health

Navigating the restrictive landscape of abortion care can take a toll on individuals' mental health. The stress, anxiety, and uncertainty associated with these challenges can have long-lasting effects, compounding the emotional burden of the decision.

In states with ever-changing abortion laws, the legal ambiguity surrounding the right to end a pregnancy can create fear and confusion. Individuals may be unsure of their rights, adding an extra layer of anxiety to an already emotionally involved situation. Our offering is aimed at helping relieve these circumstances.

Abortion Practice Cares

Abortion Practice pledges to provide accurate and up-to-date information about healthcare rights, access to services, and available resources to ensure individuals are well-informed about their reproductive health-related options.

Can Abortion Practice locate an appointment for an abortion near me? 

Abortion Practice maintains a comprehensive database of healthcare providers, including doctors, advanced practice clinicians, maternal and fetal medicine specialists, clinics, and hospitals where abortion care is provided.

Our team has access to information about each provider, such as location, specialties, accepted insurance plans, financial aid options, and available appointment slots.

Why should I choose Abortion Practice?

Abortion Practice was built by public health experts. We understand the unique challenges that patients face when seeking reproductive care and we are helping shape the landscape for a simpler path. With your support we connect patients to providers and form a better patient experience. 

Patient Empowerment

At Abortion Practice Our goal is to empower patients by offering them a proactive role in managing their healthcare schedules. With guaranteed appointments, we empower individuals to prioritize their health without the stress of uncertain and lengthy waiting periods.

Discovering guaranteed appointments with Abortion Practice means embracing a healthcare experience that puts your needs first. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or anyone seeking support in healthcare, our platform is designed to cater to your unique scheduling requirements.

Join us in redefining the way appointments are scheduled. Choose Abortion Practice – where guaranteed medical appointments meet your convenience and peace of mind.